Delmar, DE – Mark Pettyjohn made his first start of the season a profitable one as he captured the 20-lap Late Model feature in Saturday night’s Kyle Dixon Memorial. Pettyjohn started last in his heat and made the finished in fifth to make the final qualifying spot for the inversion,. The draw was in his favor as the top ten qualifiers were inverted putting him in the second row behind Kerry King in the Delaware Start.

King set the pace at the drop of the green with Pettyjohn and Staci Warrington running in the top three. Richard Jarvis, Jr. rode the top groove from sixth to third by lap two with Herb Tunis climbing into fourth. Pettyjohn got a good run off the top of the second turn to pull by King and lead lap five. Jarvis worked into second one lap later with Tunis following into third.

By lap seven David Pettyjohn had climbed from his tenth starting spot to fourth. The only caution of the event would come on lap 12 when Dale Lingo slid to a stop at the bottom of turn one. Mark Pettyjohn shot away on the restart as David Pettyjohn got by Tunis for third and Donald Lingo, Jr. worked into the top five.

Mark Pettyjohn was not to be challenged as he pulled away to take the win. “Everything just kind of worked out for us with the redraw,” Pettyjohn said. “I was actually here on time but I didn’t hot lap because I didn’t want to jinx anything!” Opening night’s winner Jarvis finished in second with David Pettyjohn putting on an outstanding drive to finish in third. Fourth may have been a personal best to Tunis in the division and Lingo, Jr. rounded out the top five. Heats were won by David Pettyjohn and Andrew Mullins.

The 15-lap Crate Model feature was plagued with eight cautions two of which involved seven cars each. Sparky White led through the first series of restarts up until lap seven. John Imler, while challenging from second, got up and over White’s rear wheel in turn two. Imler somehow was able to continue but White spun collecting six other cars.

Imler would hold the lead for two laps before Mike Wharton, who started in eighth, pulled on top. Wharton would survive three consecutive restarts with two laps to go to hold on for the win. Nick Davis used the outside to work his way to second with Joe Warren coming on at the finish to take third. Fourth went to Imler and Chris Hitchens rounded out the top five. Fast time was set by Clint Chalabala.

Zac Moore led the first four laps of the Slide for 5 but apparently ran out of gas on the final lap. Matt Carmean was able to recover from a tangle on the final straight to take the win with Jesse Betts second and Justin Dukes third. Moore coasted to a stop at the finish line for fourth and Bob Martin rounded out the top five.

This Saturday night will be the William J. Cathell Memorial feature the five weekly divisions. Gates open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 p.m.

SUPER LATE MODEL FINISH: 1. Mark Pettyjohn; 2. Richard Jarvis Jr; 3. David Pettyjohn; 4. Herb Tunis; 5. Donald Lingo Jr; 6. Rob Schirmer; 7. Lou Johnson; 8. David Hill; 9. Andrew Mullins; 10. Kerry King; 11. Staci Warrington; 12. Amanda Whaley; 13. Dale Lingo; 14. Bob Geiger; 15. Derrike Hill.

CRATE MODEL FINISH: 1. Mike Wharton; 2. Nick Davis; 3. Joe Warren; 4. John  Imler; 5. Chris Hitchens; 6. Matt Hill; 7. John Emory; 8. Roy Hassler; 9. Rob Bragg; 10. Mike Wilson; 11. Stacy Roberts; 12. Clay Tatman; 13. Tyler  Reed; 14. Robbie Emory; 15. Billy Carr; 16. Derek Magee; 17. Mike Williams; 18. Kellie Lewis; 19. Kevin Witcher; 20. Sparky White; 21. David  Nailor; 22. Clint Chalabala; 23. Cody Dawson; 24. Reese Masiello; 25. Matt Glanden.