In what he hoped was a prelude to this Thursday night’s World of Outlaw event, Richard Jarvis, Jr. came from his 11th starting position to win his second main of the season in the 20-lap William J. Cathell Memorial Late Model feature.

Dale Lingo started on the pole and led the first lap before David Pettyjohn shot on top. Kenny Pettyjohn held on to third with Donald Lingo, Jr. in fourth and David Hill in fifth. The yellow was out on lap five as Kerry King slid to a stop on the back straight. On the restart, a car failed to come up to speed with Donald Lingo, David Hill, Herb Tunis, Andrew Mullins, Rob Schirmer and Kevin Scott, Jr. all receiving damage.

Jarvis was now running in second with Amanda Whaley third. Ross Robinson was making his first start and took the third spot as Jarvis worked by David Pettyjohn on lap eight for the lead. At the halfway sign the top five were Jarvis, David Pettyjohn, Robinson, Lou Johnson and Mark Byram.

Robinson pulled into the infield with mechanical problems moving Johnson up to third. The final yellow came out with two laps left to go when Bob Geiger came to a stop. Jarvis was able to hold off David Pettyjohn to post his second win of the season. Johnson finished in the third spot with Byram and Derrike Hill rounding out the top five. Heats were won by Whaley and Johnson.

“I was very tickled with it (the car),” said Jarvis. “I didn’t fare too well in the heat race and made some changes. I missed some wrecks in front of us and got the position I needed. The car was really hooked up.”

Joe Warren was fast qualifier in the Crate Models and a zero inversion draw kept him on the pole. Warren led the first lap before a hard crash into the front wall with Matt Glanden and Chris Hitchens brought out the yellow.

Clint Chalabala got by Mike Wharton on the restart and would chase Warren the remaining distance. It was the first win of the season for Warren with Chalabala finishing second and Wharton finished in third. Sophomore driver, Robbie Emory turned in his best performance to date finishing in fourth and Matt Hill rounded out the top five.

This Thursday night will be the Fulton Bank 50 with the World of Outlaw Late Models taking on the stars and cars of Delmarva. The Late Models will be joined by the Little Lincoln Vintage Late Models. Gates open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 p.m.

RESULTS: Late Model Finish: 1. Richard Jarvis Jr; 2. David Pettyjohn; 3. Lou Johnson; 4. Mark Byram; 5. Derrike Hill; 6. David Hill; 7. Staci Warrington; 8. Kenny Pettyjohn; 9. Donald Lingo Jr; 10. Kevin Scott Jr; 11. Kerry King; 12. Amanda Whaley; 13. Bob Geiger; 14. Rob Schirmer; 15. Andrew Mullins; 16. Dale Lingo; 17. Hal Browning; 18. Ross Robinson; 19. Herb Tunis; 20. Ricky Elliott.

Crate Model Finish: 1. Joe Warren; 2. Clint Chalabala; 3. Mike Wharton; 4. Robbie Emory; 5. Matt Hill; 6. John  Imler; 7. Sparky White; 8. Rob Bragg; 9. Derek Magee; 10. Mike Williams; 11. John Emory; 12. Roy Hassler; 13. Billy Carr; 14. Stacy Roberts; 15. Kevin Witcher; 16. Cody Dawson; 17. Mike Wilson; 18. Kellie Lewis; 19. Clay Tatman; 20. Richard Harden; 21. Matt Glanden; 22. Chris Hitchens; 23. David  Nailor; 24. Reese Masiello.