Delmar, DE (5/14/11) – Richard Jarvis, Jr. did everything possible to pick up his third win of the season in Saturday night’s 20-lap Late Model feature but he would come up short by a bumper as Kenny Pettyjohn fought his way back out front at the wire after leading early in the main.


Pettyjohn started on the pole with Richard Jarvis, Jr. quickly tucking into second ahead of Herb Tunis in third. Jarvis was working on the outside and powered into the top spot for lap three. Once out front he was able to open a comfortable lead.


Pettyjohn now had problems of his own as WoO regular, Austin Hubbard was challenging in third. The first yellow of the race flew on lap eight when Donald Lingo, Jr.’s season long problems continued as he slowed to a stop. Staci Warrington was now riding in the fourth spot dropping Tunis to fifth.


The final yellow flew with five to go when Bob Geiger came to a stop. On the restart, Pettyjohn matched Jarvis’ speed and started looking for an opening for a pass. That opening came on the final turn when Jarvis pushed high and Pettyjohn pulled even on the inside. At the checkered, it was Pettyjohn by .025 seconds over Jarvis. Hubbard finished in the third spot with Warrington fourth and Tunis fifth. Kerry King went out over the back straight wall landing in the trees during the heat. King refused to be transported for a checkup and had his backup car brought to the track finishing seventh behind David Hill in the main.


Clint Chalabala looked strong at the start of the 15-lap Crate Model main with John Imler running a close second. Joe Warren, who set fast time in qualifying, quickly shot from fourth to second and at the halfway sign took the lead. Chalabala held on to second with Imler third as Mike Wharton climbed into fourth and Dylan Evans held fifth.


The second half of the race was all Warren and he drove to his second straight win. Chalabala finished second with Wharton taking third from Imler on the final lap. Chris Hitchens came from deep in the field to round out the top five.


The Delmarva Charger four cylinder front wheel drive racers made their Delaware International debut. Derek Swafford took the lead from Geoffery Carey on lap seven of the 10 lapper but it would be Ashley Merritt taking the lead with two laps left to go and sprinting to the victory. Daniel Hudson came from 13th to finish in second with Swafford holding on for third. Fourth went to Carey and Clint (Chubby) Burroughs rounded out the top five.


RESULTS: Late Model Feature Finish: 1. Kenny Pettyjohn; 2. Richard Jarvis Jr; 3. Austin Hubbard; 4. Staci Warrington; 5. Herb Tunis; 6. David Hill; 7. Kerry King; 8. Kyle Hardy; 9. Derrike Hill; 10. Andrew Mullins; 11. Lou Johnson; 12. Bob Geiger; 13. David Pettyjohn; 14. Mark Pettyjohn; 15. Donald Lingo Jr; 16. Hal Browning; 17. Amanda Whaley.


Crate Model Feature Finish: 1. Joe Warren; 2. Clint Chalabala; 3. Mike Wharton; 4. John  Imler; 5. Chris Hitchens; 6. Rob Bragg; 7. Dylan Evans; 8. Sparky White; 9. John Emory; 10. Stacy Roberts; 11. Robbie Emory; 12. Mike Wilson; 13. Roy Hassler; 14. Mike Williams; 15. Reese Masiello; 16. Kellie Lewis; 17. Matt Hill; 18. Matt Glanden; 19. Kevin Witcher; 20. Billy Carr; 21. Cody Dawson; 22. Derek Magee; 23. Tyler  Reed


Delmarva Charger Finish: 1. Ashley Merritt; 2. Daniel Hudson; 3. Derek Swafford; 4. Geoffery Carey; 5. Clint (Chubby) Burroughs; 6. Charles Hudson; 7. Kyle Tubbs; 8. Kevin White; 9. Mike Rogers; 10. Bunky White; 11. Joe Waters; 12. Jay Sipple; 13. Wood Chuck; 14. Randy Merritt.