Sophomore driver, Scott Hitchens was smooth and fast at the start of the 15-lap AC Delco TSS Modified feature. Scott Baker chased from second with rookie Trent Willey running third. Justin Griffith started in the ninth spot and was running in the top five by lap two.


On lap five, Griffith got by John Curtis for the fourth spot and at the halfway sign took third behind Hitchens and Baker. Baker slowed at this point ending his challenge for the lead and turning the chase over to Griffith. On the restart, Griffith immediately began to pressure Hitchens taking the top spot with five to go.


Willey’s night came to an end when a fire developed on his car and he came to a stop in the second turn with one lap to go. Hitchens would make one final bid on the last lap but Griffith remained solid and took his first career checkered in the division. Hitchens crossed the line in second but failed the post race tech. Curtis would be awarded second with Danny Smack third. Westley Smith finished in fourth and Greg Taylor rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Baker.


In the 15-lap Mod Lite feature it was a rough first five laps. The caution would fly three times during that period the worst of which was for Kevin McKinney who tried to avoid a tangle and hit the front straight wall and flipped. McKinney was shaken but not injured.


Jason Musser survived to lead through the first six laps before Jimmy Wills moved on top. Brandon Dennis shot from fourth to second with five to go and reeled in Wills. Dennis moved by Wills to take the white flag and went on to his third win of the season. Wills finished in the second spot with Jason Musser third. Fourth went to Alan Passwaters and Ray Gulliver rounded out the top five. Dennis set fast time in qualifying.


AC Delco Modified Finish: 1. Justin Griffith; 2. John Curtis; 3. Danny Smack; 4. Westley Smith; 5. Greg Taylor; 6. Bryan Applegate; 7. Brandon Blades; 8 Herman Powell; 9. David Scarano; 10. Jeff Marker; 11. Scott Baker; 12. Herbie Hempel; 13. Garrie Bostwick; 14. Nate Benson; 15. Trent Willey; 16. Dwayne Crockett; 17. Tyler Reed; DQ:

Scott Hitchens


Mod Lite Finish: 1. Brandon Dennis; 2. Jimmy Wills; 3. Jason Musser; 4. Alan Passwaters; 5. Ray Gulliver; 6. Kirk Miles Sr; 7. TJ Williams; 8. Jake Nelson; 9. Landis Musser; 10. Curt Miles Jr;; 11. Chad Passwaters; 12. Kerry King Jr; 13. Kevin McKinney; 14. Trey Hicks.