Chad Passwaters in the Dick’s Auto Body No. 71 pulled the upset in the 15-lap Mod Lite feature. The draw inverted the top ten in qualifying putting Passwaters in the second starting spot behind Kirk Miles. Passwaters took the lead on the first lap with Jason Musser following into second.


Brandon Dennis started in tenth but was finding a lot of bite in the top groove. By lap three he was up to second and by lap five was challenging for the lead. Dennis went high in the fourth turn and dropped back to sixth giving Passwaters a little breathing room. Landis Musser moved in to challenge at the halfway sign with Ray Gulliver climbing to third.


The final caution was out with three to go. On the restart Kerry King, Jr. moved into second with Gulliver dropping Landis Musser to fourth and Dennis worked back into the top five. King pulled even with Passwaters on the final lap but Passwaters make no mistakes and held on for the win. Musser recovered to finish in second with Dennis making it all the way back to third. Fourth went to late closing Jimmy Wills and Curt Miles, Jr. rounded out the top five. Dennis set fast time in qualifying.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. Chad Passwaters; 2. Landis Musser; 3. Brandon Dennis; 4. Jimmy Wills’ 5. Curt Miles Jr; 6. Jason Musser; 7. Kerry King Jr; 8. Ray Gulliver; 9. Kirk Miles Sr; 10. Alan Passwaters; 11. Josh Clark; 12. Jake Nelson; 13. Trey Hicks.