Last week’s Crate Model feature winner, Dylan Evans looked as good on Saturday night as he had the week prior. Evans jumped out to the early lead with Mike Wharton running in second and Kelly Putz in third.


Robbie Emory got around on lap seven and once again, Evans seemed to have the dominant car on the restart. A caution with three laps to go put Wharton back on Evans’ bumper and this time Wharton matched Evans’ speed on the green. Evans remained flawless and appeared to be headed to his second straight win when rookies Derek Magee and Kellie Lewis tangled in the first turn with Lewis flipping and coming to rest on her roof. Lewis was shaken in the crash but was not injured.


The race boiled down to a one lap shoot out for the win. Evans got a little loose on the restart and going into the first turn pulled up into the second groove. That was all the break needed by Wharton who shot under Evans and drove his Patton Well Drilling No. 100 to his second win of the season. Kelly Putz crossed the line in second but failed the post race shock absorber inspection putting Evans back in the second spot. Third went to Clint Chalabala with Tyler Reed fourth and John Imler fifth. Matt Hill set fast time in qualifying but was unable to make the feature.


Crate Model Finish: 1. Mike Wharton; 2. Dylan Evans; 3. Clint Chalabala; 4. Tyler  Reed; 5. John  Imler; 6. Mike Wilson; 7. Joe Warren; 8. Roy Hassler; 9. Chris Hitchens; 10. Matt Glanden; 11. Cody Dawson; 12. John Emory; 13. Rob Bragg; 14. Robbie Emory; 15. Reese Masiello; 16. Kellie Lewis; 17. Derek Magee; 18. Clay Tatman; 19. Richard Harden; 20. Sparky White; 21. Stacy Roberts; DNS: Matt Hill; DQ: Kelly Putz.