Delmar, DE – Rob Schirmer in the All About the Dogs/Rocket Late Model ran a flawless race to pick up his first win of the season in the 20-lap R.C. Holloway main. Schirmer started in third but was able to pass last week’s winner, Andrew Mullins just past halfway and then hold off Mark Pettyjohn to take the victory.


Mullins started on the pole with Donald Lingo, Jr. in the second slot. Mullins quickly shot to the high groove and looked like he had a good chance to repeat his feat of a week prior. Schirmer dropped Lingo to third and went to work on the leader Mullins.


The yellow was out on lap nine as Mark Byram and David Pettyjohn tangled. On the restart Schirmer cranked it up and took the lead on lap 11. Mark Pettyjohn jockeyed into second two laps later and with five to go was on Schirmer’s back spoiler.


Pettyjohn would try both the inside and outside lines but Schimer never deviated from his bottom groove and held on for the win. Mark Pettyjohn finished in the second spot with Lingo Jr. third. Fourth went to Mullins and Herb Tunis rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Tunis and Schirmer.


“When I got to Andrew on that restart I knew it was time to go,” said Schirmer. “ I pressured him and hoped that he would move up the track. Then I saw Mark and I moved to the bottom and picked it up a little bit.”


Late Model Finish: 1. Rob Schirmer; 2. Mark Pettyjohn; 3. Donald Lingo Jr; 4. Andrew Mullins; 5. Herb Tunis; 6. Richard Jarvis Jr; 7. Bob Geiger; 8. Kerry King; 9. Staci Warrington; 10. Mike  Parsons; 11. Amanda Whaley; 12. David Pettyjohn; 13. Mark Byram; 14. David Hill; 15. Derrike Hill.