The draw inverted the top ten finishers of the first feature for the start of the second 20 lap main putting Eric Korman on the pole. Korman quickly established himself as the car to beat and he set sail at the front of the field. Brightbill quickly took command of second from Dale Hawkins as Norman Short and Scott Ambruster, Jr. rounded out the top five.


As Korman maintained a comfortable lead over Brightbill, Hawkins worked his way into third with Watkins and Jester following into third and fourth. The one and only caution of the event came on lap 15 when Bunting slowed with a flat rear tire.


The race restarted with five to go and Brightbill dropped to the bottom groove and turned up the pressure on Korman. Jester was on a mission getting by both Hawkins and Watson to take third and to make it a three car battle for the lead.


With the white flag flying, Brightbill took the point and Jester pulled even with Korman for second. Brightbill, in the Colbourne Farms/Troyer would drive to the win with Jester taking second and Korman ending a great drive in third. Fourth went to Watson and Hawkins rounded out the top five.


“The car worked well when I dropped to the bottom,” said Brightbill.


2nd.20-Lap Feature Finish: 1. Kenny Brightbill; 2. Matt Jester; 3. Eric Kormann; 4. Joseph Watson; 5. Dale Hawkins; 6. Norman Short Jr; 7. Brad Trice; 8. Michael White; 9. Robert Dutton; 10. Howard ONeal; 11. Beau Wilkins; 12. George Richardson; 13. Shawn Ward; 14. HJ Bunting; 15. Kyle Fuller; 16. Scott Amburster Jr; 17. Chuck Tucker; 18. Dwayne Heck; 19. Drew  Simmons; 20. Tim Trimble; DNS: Dan Reidy; Shawn Weber; Dana Walker.