David Hill, the all-time leading feature winner at the Delaware International Speedway, added yet another win to his total in the 20-lap Super Late Model feature. The win may have been one of his best as the competition throughout the event was intense.


Hill started on the pole with David Pettyjohn immediately challenging from second. Richard Jarvis, Jr. shot by Lou Johnson and join the battle on lap three with the trio running wheel to wheel. Jarvis took the second spot but not for long as Donald Lingo, Jr. rocketed from fourth to second with Pettyjohn following into third.


At the halfway sign Hill was on top with Lingo on his spoiler in second. Jarvis had climbed back to third with Pettyjohn fourth and 17 year old Andrew Mullins coming from 11th to fifth.


The caution was out on lap 13 when Amanda Whaley slowed to a stop. On the restart, Hill, Lingo and Jarvis went three wide with Mullins getting by Pettyjohn and challenging from fourth. Mullins was on the outside headed to the front but went too high in the fourth turn and spun off the top of the track. Jarvis had just passed Hill on the outside but the lap was not completed and he had to restart in second.


This set the stage for the final shoot out with two laps to go. Hill got a great restart and drove to the win. “It was a tough race,” said Hill. “Early on I kept seeing David Pettyjohn on the inside then with five to go Donnie Lingo was on the inside for two or three laps so I moved down a little bit and Richard (Jarvis) moved by me on the outside. Fortunately for me the caution came out. I’ve been on both ends of that caution deal an fortunately tonight it went my way.”


Lingo finished in the second spot as Jarvis slid back with Pettyjohn third. Fourth went to Herb Tunis and Mark Byram rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Jarvis and Pettyjohn.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. David Hill; 2. Donald Lingo Jr; 3. David Pettyjohn; 4. Herb Tunis; 5. Mark Byram; 6. Richard Jarvis Jr; 7. Andrew Mullins; 8. Mike  Parsons; 9. Lou Johnson; 10. Staci Warrington; 11. Bob Geiger; 12. Amanda Whaley; 13. Stacy Roberts; 14. Kerry King; 15. Eddie  Collins.