Dwayne Heck led the first seven laps of the Vintage Stock Car feature. Gary Scott got off the first turn to bring out the yellow. Under the yellow, Heck headed to the pits with a flat tire. Colby Steele was the new leader with Jim Pride, Jr. challenging for second. Pride, Jr. took the lead with one to go and went on to the win. Steele finished in the second spot with Chuck Tucker, C.J. Schirmer and Dave Schamp rounding out the top five. First Sportsman was Kelly Putz who finished in sixth.


In the Little Lincoln Vintage 12-lap feature, Bill Brittingham moved by Ryan Walsen and Mark Cashdan to lead lap one. Mel Joseph, Jr. shot from eighth to third and by lap two was riding in second. Joseph and Brittingham traded a little paint with Joseph taking over the top spot on lap three. Brittingham challenge on the inside on several occasions through the halfway point before Joseph was able to open an advantage and go on to the win. Brittingham finished in the second spot with Cashdan third. Fourth went to Steven Baker and Donald Robinson, Jr. rounded out the top five.


Matt Carmean seems to have discovered the knack as he captured the Slide for 5 main after leading all five laps. Carmean held a big lead at the checkered over Kyle Givens and Justin Dukes.


Vintage Finish: 1. Jim Pride, Jr.; 2. Colby Steele; 3. Chuck Tucker; 4. C.J. Schirmer; 5. Dave Schamp; 6. Kelly Putz (1st Sportsman); 7. Ronald Ford; 8. Carl Schirmer; 9. Mark Williams; 10. Todd Miller; 11. Don Davidson; 12. Barry Atkins; 13. Mitch Morton; 14. Skip Putz; 15. Dwayne Heck; 16. Gary Scott; 17. Robbie Roe; 18. Freddy Brightbill.


Little Lincoln Vintage Finish: 1. Mel Joseph, Jr. 2. Bill Brittingham; 3. Mark Cashdan; 4. Steven Baker; 5. Donald Robinson, Jr.; 6. Virgil Bradford; 7. Ryan Walsen; 8. Dylan Betts; 9. David Archer; 10. Emory West; 11. Jamie Wagner; 12. Mike Warshavre.


Slide for 5 Finish: 1. Matt Carmean; 2. Kyle Givens; 3. Justin Dukes; 4. Ronnie Layton; 5. Ethan Brasure; 6. C.J. Dickerson; 7. Brock Williams; 8. Jesse Betts; 9. Bob Martin.