Richard Jarvis, Jr. took home some big bucks as he captured the 30-lap Elk Mooneyham Memorial Saturday night at Delaware International. Ricky Elliott looked unbeatable in the event but a late race bobble would prove to be his demise.


Qualifying heats were won by Andrew Mullins and Jarvis, Jr. with Hal Browning winning the consolation. Herb Tunis led the first three laps before Ricky “the Rocket” Elliott vaulted into the lead after starting in fourth. Tunis held on to second while Jarvis and David Pettyjohn swapped third and Kenny Pettyjohn ran in fifth.


Back to back yellows were out on laps 11 and 12 and on the lap 12 restart, Jarvis was able to get by Tunis for second as Kenny Pettyjohn took third. Mark Byram was on a charge pulling into fourth with Donald Lingo, Jr. following into fifth.


A multi-car tangle on lap 22 brought out the yellow and involved Darryl Hills, Mark Pettyjohn, Derrike Hill, Rob Schirmer, Hal Browning and Kevin Scott, Jr. Elliott again shot away on the restart but jumped the cushion in turn two nearly going off the top of the track. This was the break the Jarvis needed as he shot by on the bottom side to take the lead.


The final yellow was out with three to go when Amanda Whaley came to a stop in the second turn. Jarvis got a great restart and drove to his third checkered and the $2500 bonus in his Chris Gray/Mid Coastal Siding/Lazer. Elliott finished in the second spot with Kenny Pettyjohn third. Fourth went to Mark Byram and Donald Lingo, Jr. rounded out the top five.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. Richard Jarvis Jr; 2. Ricky Elliott; 3. Kenny Pettyjohn; 4. Mark Byram; 5. Donald Lingo Jr; 6. David Hill; 7. Herb Tunis; 8. Mark Pettyjohn; 9. Darryl Hills; 10. Rob Schirmer; 11. Kerry King; 12. Hal Browning; 13. Mike  Parsons; 14. Amanda Whaley; 15. Kevin Scott Jr; 16. Derrike Hill; 17. Dale Lingo; 18. Andrew Mullins; 19. Lou Johnson; 20. Staci Warrington; 21. David Pettyjohn; 22. Bob Geiger; Did Not Start: Stacy Roberts.