The Mod Lite season is only half over and Bandon Dennis had already posted six wins. Bobby Watkins led the early laps. The yellow was out on lap two as Kirk Miles took a nasty series of barrel rolls in the second turn. Miles was not injured.


On the restart, Dennis, who had started in tenth took third from Nick Nash. One lap later he moved by Ray Gulliver for second and on lap five drove by Watkins for the lead. At the halfway sign the top five were Dennis, Bobby Watkins, Curt Miles, Jr., Gulliver and Kevin McKinney.


The final yellow came out with two laps to go as Brandon Keim rolled to a stop. Dennis had no problems pulling away on the green and driving to the checkered in his Simpson Construction/Back in Action/Pro. Watkins finished in the second spot in only his second week in the division with Miles, Jr. third. Fourth went to Kevin McKinney and Gulliver rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Dennis.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. Brandon Dennis; 2. Bobby Watkins; 3. Curt Miles Jr; 4. Kevin Mckinney; 5. Ray Gulliver; 6. Jason Musser; 7. Landis Musser; 8. Kerry King Jr; 9. Alan Passwaters; 10. Randy Hill; 11. Brandon Watkins; 12. Brandon Keim; 13. Eric McKinney; 14. Nick Nash; 15. Josh Clark; 16. Jimmy Wills; 17. Brandon Gallo; 18. Kirk Miles Sr; 19. TJ Williams; 20. James Hill.