Richard Jarvis, Jr. continued to be on a roll as he picked up his second consecutive feature and his fourth overall this season in Saturday night’s 20-lap Super Late Model main.


David Hill looked strong from his pole starting position with Dale Lingo running a close second. Derrike Hill held down the third spot and Staci Warrington looked solid in fourth. Jarvis was on the move early driving from seventh to fifth by lap one.


The yellow was out on lap eight when Kerry King came to a stop. On the restart Jarvis went to the outside and shot to second. Donald Lingo, Jr. also had a good restart and took fourth from Warrington at the halfway sign.

Warrington worked her way back up to fourth bringing Mark Pettyjohn with her in to fifth. Warrington then got by Derrike Hill for third just before he tangled in the second turn to bring out the caution. Under the yellow both Derrike Hill and Donald Lingo, Jr. headed to the pits with flat tires.


David Pettyjohn had charged from the rear of the field into fifth and was now challenging his brother Mark. With two laps to go Mark got by Warrington for third and one lap later took second from David Hill. Warrington fought her way back into third. Mark Pettyjohn was closing on Jarvis but time would run out and Jarvis would take the checkered.


“That (Pro Power) motor is just unbelievable,” said Jarvis. “We had a heating problem but we really seemed to solve it tonight. And I have to thank Lazer chassis because when I had to pass on the bottom it would just hook up and roll.”


Mark Pettyjohn ended a great run in second with Warrington doing likewise by finishing in third. Fourth went to David Hill and Andrew Mullins made a late race charge to finish in fifth. Heats were won by Warrington and Dale Lingo.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. Richard Jarvis Jr; 2. Mark Pettyjohn; 3. Staci Warrington; 4. David Hill; 5. Andrew Mullins; 6. David Pettyjohn; 7. Kevin Scott Jr; 8. Rob Schirmer; 9. Bob Geiger; 10. Donald Lingo Jr; 11. Dale Lingo; 12. Derrike Hill; 13. Kerry King; 14. Herb Tunis; DNS: Mark Byram; Lou Johnson.