Ricky Elliott takes Super Late Models for Second Straight Win

Ricky Elliott commented after his Saturday night win at Delaware International that he would be returning on Tuesday night with a car that was even faster. He lived up to his promise as he took the lead from Andrew Mullins on lap ten and led the final 15 laps for a dominating win.

Mullins and Elliott put on a great side by side battle for the first nine laps before Elliott was able to get far enough out front to move to the top groove. Mark Byram had driven past Donald Lingo, Jr. for third bringing Richard Jarvis, Jr. with him into fourth. Jarvis’ night would end at the halfway sign as he slammed the front straight wall and did enough damage to end his night.

Invader David Williams was now on the move and entered the top five. Byram got by Mullins on lap 17 and the final yellow was out one lap later putting him on the back bumper of Elliott. Elliott was in perfect form and drove away to post the win worth $3400.

“This is the car that we gave the race away with a couple of weeks ago,” said Elliott. “We kept working hard. It is a really good car and the motor in this thing is just absolutely amazing.”

Byram finished in the second spot with Mullins third. Donald Lingo, Jr. finished in fourth and Williams rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Lingo, Jr. and Jarvis, Jr.

Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Mark Byram; 3. Andrew Mullins; 4. Donald Lingo Jr; 5. David Williams; 6. Mark Pettyjohn; 7. Kenny Pettyjohn; 8. David Pettyjohn; 9. David Hill; 10. Roland Mann; 11. Herb Tunis; 12. Hal Browning; 13. Kevin Scott Jr; 14. Mike  Parsons; 15. Rob Schirmer; 16. Lou Johnson; 17. Dale Lingo; 18. Richard Jarvis Jr; 19. Kerry King; 20. Bob Geiger; 21. Amanda Whaley.