Tyler White became the first driver to win in a truck in the Delmarva Chargers/Super Truck 10-lap feature. Joe Carey lead through the first half of the feature while White and Jay Sipple battled for second.


White was able to take the lead with three laps to go with Joe Waters coming from 12th to follow into second. Kyle Tubbs lost and wheel and rolled twice on the final lap coming to rest on his wheels. He was not injured in the crash. White was able to hold off Waters for the final lap to take the win. Waters finished in the second spot with Ashley Merritt third. Fourth went to Sipple and Derrick Swafford rounded out the top five.


The Slide for 5 feature turned out to be a good battle between Shane Phillips and Matt Carmean. Phillips led the first three laps before Carmean moved on top for lap four. Phillips slid back on top on the final lap and held off Carmean by a fender at the finish for the win. Ronnie Layton finished in the third spot with Colby Dukes fourth and Justin Dukes rounding out the top five.

Delmarva Charger/Super Truck Finish: 1. Tyler White; 2. Joe Waters; 3. Ashley Merritt; 4. Jay Sipple; 5. Derrick Swafford; 6. Hunter Wharton; 7. Dan Hudson; 8. Bunky White; 9. Keith Lewis; 10. Cody Hudson; 11. Randy Merritt; 12. Mike Rogers; 13. Kyle Tubbs; 14. Chuck Hudson; 15. Joe Carey; 16. Emory Hudson; 17. TJ Henry; 18. Geoff Carey; 19. Mason Wolf; 20. Steve Mitchell; 21. Randy Gray.

Slide for Five Finish: 1. Shane Phillips; 2. Matt Carmean; 3. Ronnie Layton; 4. Colby Dukers; 5. Justin Dukes; 6. Danny Snyder; 7. Jesse Betts; 8. Ethan Brasure; 9. Greg McGowan; 10. C.J. Dickerson; DNS: Ernie Melson.