In the 15-lap AC Delco TSS Modified feature it looked as if Scott Baker would be able to turn starting on the pole into his first win of the seasonĀ  Scott Hitchens chased from second for the first six laps before defending point champion, Joseph Tracy moved into the runner-up spot.


The race was green from the sixth lap on and by the five to go point, Tracy was checking the inside groove. With one lap to go Tracy got a good run coming off the turn and was able to edge into the lead. Once out front, Tracy would make no mistakes and he drove to his fifth win of the year. Baker finished a solid second with Hitchens third. Fourth went to Jordan Watson who started in the rear of the field and John Curtis rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Curtis.

AC Delco TSS Modified Finish: 1. Joseph Tracy; 2. Scott Baker; 3. Scott Hitchens; 4. Jordan Watson; 5. John Curtis; 6. Matt Hawkins; 7. Brandon Blades; 8. Westley Smith; 9. Danny Smack; 10. Trent Willey; 11. Tyler Reed; 12. Dwayne Crockett; 13. Gary Bostwick; 14. Shawn Weber; 15. Herbie Hempel; 16. Scott Banks; 17. Justin Griffith; 18. David Scarano; 19. Herman Powell; 20. Jamie Eichholz; 21. Jeff Marker.