Ricky Elliott lived up to his nickname of “the Rocket” as he rocketed to the sweep of the Twin 20 Super Late Model features Saturday night.


In the first 20 lap main two of the fastest female Super Late Model racers were the early show. Staci Warrington set the pace with “the Wild Child” Amanda Whaley following in the high groove. Elliott started in the seventh spot and was up to fourth behind David Pettyjohn by lap two.


Elliott got by Whaley on lap five but Whaley had the fans on their feet when she regained second on the outside. Whaley closed on Warrington at the halfway sign as Elliott mounted a second assault. Whaley’s drive would end when she tangled with a back marker that had slowed.


On the restart Elliott went to work on Warrington and took the lead with four laps to go. Elliott would drive to the win, his third of the season with Warrington taking second. Dale Lingo made a late race charge to finish in third with Mark Pettyjohn coming from 14th to finish fourth and Andrew Mullins fifth.


Elliott pulled the number zero in the redraw giving himself the pole for race two. Dale Lingo quickly slipped into second with Mark Pettyjohn following into third. Kerry King brought out the second and last yellow on lap three.


The rest of the race was all Elliott as he was able to open almost a straightaway lead. Mark Pettyjohn got by Dale Lingo with four to go and finished in second. Dale Lingo finished in the third spot with Donald Lingo, Jr. fourth and David Pettyjohn fifth. Heats were won by Whaley and David Pettyjohn.

1st Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Staci Warrington; 3. Dale Lingo; 4. Mark Pettyjohn; 5. Andrew Mullins; 6. Mark Byram; 7. Hal Browning; 8. Donald Lingo Jr; 9. Kerry King; 10. David Hill; 11. Derrike Hill; 12. Kevin Scott Jr; 13. Dave Graber; 14. Rob Schirmer; 15. Herb Tunis; 16. David Pettyjohn; 17. Amanda Whaley; 18. Bob Geiger’ 19. Kelly Putz; 20. Richard Jarvis Jr.

2nd Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Mark Pettyjohn; 3. Dale Lingo; 4. Donald Lingo Jr; 5. David Pettyjohn; 6. Mark Byram; 7. Hal Browning; 8. Staci Warrington; 9. David Hill; 10. Kevin Scott Jr; 11. Rob Schirmer; 12. Kerry King; 13. Andrew Mullins; 14. Derrike Hill; 15. Bob Geiger; 16. Dave Graber; DNS: Herb Tunis; Amanda Whaley; Kelly Putz; Richard Jarvis Jr.