The 12-lap Little Lincoln Vintage feature was a great race with lots of two wide and three wide action. Donald Robinson, Jr. led the first four laps before Jamie Wagner, who had started in fifth, took the lead.


The top five cars stayed in a tight pack with John Stevenson on the extreme outside taking third from Mel Joseph, Jr. and then second from Robinson with one to go. Stevenson was able to make the winning pass on the final lap to take the win. Wagner finished in second with Robinson, Jr. third. Fourth went to Bill Brittingham and Dylan Betts rounded out the top five.

Little Lincoln Finish: 1. John Stevenson; 2. Jamie Wagner; 3. Donald Robinson Jr.; 4. Bill Brittingham; 5. Dylan Betts; 6. Steven Baker; 7. Jeff Adkins; 8. Ryan Walsen; 9. Mel Joseph Jr.; 10. Eric Vent; 11. Brian Nailor; 12. David Archer; 13. Mark Cashden; 14. Buddy Bozman; 15. Emory West.