It was round three of the TUSA Mod Lite Mid-Atlantic Series and it would produce the third different winner in the series. Curt Miles, Jr. jumped out to the early lead over the 19 car field. Brandon Dennis moved by Ray Gulliver to take second with Jimmy Wills following into third.


Ty Short took third as Wills began to slow at the halfway sign and brought out the yellow. Under the yellow the leader Miles, Jr. pulled to the infield and was done for the night. Dennis was the new leader but Short made the pass with six to go. Gulliver would regain second two laps later.


A scary moment occurred with two laps to go as Adam Weber lost an engine and the car went up in a ball a flame on the front straight. Weber brought the car to a quick stop and immediately exited the car uninjured. Short held off Gulliver for the final two circuits for his fifth win of the year. Dennis finished in the third spot with Erik McKinney fourth and Landis Musser fifth. Fast time in qualifying was set by Short.


TUSA Mod Lite Finish: 1. Ty Short; 2. Ray Gulliver; 3. Brandon Dennis; 4. Erik McKinney; 5. Landis Musser; 6. Kerry King Jr; 7. Tim White; 8. Kirk Miles Sr; 9. Chad Passwaters; 10. Alan Passwaters; 11. James Wood; 12. Brandon Keim; 13. Adam Weber; 14. Jason Musser; 15. Curt Miles Jr; 16. Kevin Mckinney; 17. Jimmy Wills; 18. Brandon Watkins; DNS: James Hill.