Mike Wharton kept his cool and he led wire to wire to win the caution plagued 15-lap Crate Model feature. Wharton started on the point with Clint Chalabala in second. Bobby Watkins took the second spot on lap three as Joe Warren worked into fourth.


Chalabala regained the second spot bringing Warren with him into third just before the halfway sign. Warren kept up the momentum and drove into second as Matt Hill climbed to fourth. Warren was hoping for a mistake by Wharton but it would not happen as Wharton drove to his fourth win of the season. Warren finished in second with Chalabala third. Fourth went to Hill and John Imler rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Warren.


An excellent field of 25 Delmarva Chargers and Super Trucks were on hand. Ashley Merritt moved from third to lead the first two laps before Jay Sipple moved on top. Daniel Hudson made some nice moves to shoot from tenth to third by lap three with last race’s winner, Tyler White following him through to fourth.


Merritt tried everything she could to regain the lead but Sipple would make no mistakes. All eyes were on Kyle Tubbs who had started in 20th and was challenging for second. Sipple went on to his first win at the speedway with Tubbs taking second on the final lap. Third went to Merritt with Hudson fourth and Tyler White finishing first truck in fifth.


The Slide for 5 race was one that boiled down to last lap strategy. Shane Phillips led the first lap before Ethan Brasure in his big station wagon slid to the front. Phillips’ lead was shot lived as Ronnie Layton became the third leader in three laps.


Phillips worked back into the second spot and coming to the checkered flag turned Layton around just short of the finish line and took the win. Layton recovered to finish in second with Phillips third. Fourth went to Jesse Betts and Justin Dukes rounded out the top five.


This Saturday night will be the “Blast from the Past” reunion with nearly 150 former drivers and owners being guests of the speedway. Also on tap will be the “King of Kings” for the Super Late Model feature winners along with the five weekly divisions and the Little Lincoln Vintage cars. Gates open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 p.m.


Crate Model Finish: 1. Mike Wharton; 2. Joe Warren; 3. Clint Chalabala; 4. Matt Hill; 5. John  Imler; 6. Mike Wilson; 7. Robbie Emory; 8. Dylan Evans; 9. David  Nailor; 10. John Emory; 11. Roy Hassler; 12. Stacy Roberts; 13. Cody Dawson; 14. Reese Masiello; 15. Derek Magee; 16. Kellie Lewis; 17. Matt Glanden; 18. Rob Bragg; 19 Bobby Watkins; 20. Chris Hitchens; 21. Gus Economides; 22. TJ Williams; 23. Richard Harden; 24. Tyler  Reed.


Delmarva Charger/Super Truck Finish: 1. Jay Simple; 2. Kyle Tubbs; 3. Ashley Merritt; 4. Daniel Hudson; 5. Tyler White (first truck); 6. Bunky White; 7. Cody Hudson; 8. Matt Long; 9. Guy Mitchell; 10. Charles Hudson; 11. T J Henry; 12. Geoff Carey; 13. Jon Rogers; 14. Randy Merritt; 15. Derrick Swafford; 16. Hunter Wharton; 17. John Wingrove; 18. Wood Chuck; 19. Perry Waters; 20. Eathan Brasure; 21. Keith Lewis; 22. Mike Lewis; 23. Joe Carey; 24. Randy Gray; 25. Thomas Lecates.


Slide for 5 Finish: 1. Shane Phillips; 2. Ronnie Layton; 3. Robin Phillips; 4. Jesse Betts; 5. Justin Dukes; 6. Ethan Brasure; 7. Zac Moore; 8 Matt Carmean; 9. C.J. Dickerson; 10. Ernie Melson; 11. Bob Martin.