Eric Vent started on the pole in the AC Delco TSS Modified feature. Vent led the first lap with point leader John Curtis challenging from second. The two made contact in the fourth turn with Curtis spinning and bringing out the yellow.


Brandon Blades picked up the chase in second with Westley Smith running in third. Three straight yellows found Scott Hitchens up to third with defending champion Joe Tracy in fourth and rookie Trent Willey charging into fifth.


Blades was unable to close on Vent in the second half of the race that was all green and Vent posted his first win of the season. Blades crossed the line in second but was light at the scales moving Tracy to second. Hitchens headed to the pits on the final lap putting Willey in third. Smith finished in the fourth spot and Herman Powell rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Blades.


AC Delco TSS Modified Finish: 1. Eric Vent; 2. Joseph Tracy; 3. Trent Willey; 4. Westley Smith; 5. Herman Powell; 6. Scott Baker; 7. John Curtis; 8. Jamie Eichholz; 9. Greg Taylor; 10. Gary Bostwick; 11. Shawn Weber; 12. Scott Hitchens; 13. Norman Short Jr; 14. Danny Smack; 15. Justin Griffith; 16. Nick Nash; 17. Tyler Reed; 18. Dwayne Crockett; DQ: Brandon Blades.