Mark Pettyjohn drove a calculated race to take the lead late in the Super Late Model 20-lap feature and drive away to his second win of the season.


Richard Jarvis, Jr. started on the pole and quickly opened a comfortable lead. Kevin Scott, Jr. ran in the second spot and held off several challenges by Dale Lingo before Mark Pettyjohn, who started in fifth roared into third. Mark got by Scott, Jr. after a good battle on lap seven and started to track down the leader, Jarvis.


Bob Geiger got around on lap nine bringing out the second and final caution and elimination Jarvis’ advantage. Mark Pettyjohn immediately began to search for a faster line, drifting high in the first turn and shooting off the bottom of turn two.


Mark Byram was running in the fourth spot and was now feeling pressure from David Pettyjohn in fifth. David took the fourth place with six laps to go.


Mark Pettyjohn pulled even with Jarvis with three laps to go and took the lead for the two to go sign. The final two laps he was able to pull away from Jarvis and drive to his second win of the year. Jarvis finished in the second spot as Byram held off David Pettyjohn for fourth and Scott, Jr. ended a great drive in fifth.


Heats were won by Amanda Whaley and Herb Tunis.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. Mark Pettyjohn; 2. Richard Jarvis Jr; 3. Mark Byram; 4. David Pettyjohn; 5. Kevin Scott Jr; 6. Staci Warrington; 7. Amanda Whaley; 8. Andrew Mullins; 9. Dale Lingo; 10. Donald Lingo Jr; 11. Lou Johnson; 12. David Hill; 13. Rob Schirmer; 14. Dave Graber; 15. Bob Geiger; 16. Kelly Putz; 17. Kerry King; 18. Herb Tunis; 19. Kevin Witcher.