Nick Davis ended a long dry spell in the 15-lap Crate Model feature by taking the lead on the first lap and driving a flawless race to his first win of the season. With Davis out front the battle was for second between Sparky White and Clint Chalabala. Clay Tatman was riding in the fourth spot and Mike Wharton was on the move in fifth.


A pair of yellows on laps nine and ten kept the field tightly bunched. Joe Warren made his presence known as he shot by Wharton into fourth. Chalabala finally wrestled second away from White with two laps to go but could not catch Davis. At the line the top five in order were Davis, Chalabala, White, Warren and Wharton. Fast time in qualifying was set by Davis.


Crate Model Finish: 1. Nick Davis; 2. Clint Chalabala; 3. Sparky White; 4. Joe Warren; 5. Mike Wharton; 6. Chris Hitchens; 7. Dylan Evans; 8. John  Imler; 9. Mike Wilson;10. Robbie Emory; 11. Cody Dawson; 12. Kellie Lewis; 13. Roy Hassler; 14. John Emory; 15. Derek Magee; 16. Matt Glanden; 17. Bobby Watkins; 18. Reese Masiello; 19. Michael Wilkins; 20. TJ Williams; 21. Clay Tatman; 22. Tyler  Reed; 23. Billy Thompson; 24. David  Nailor.