It was a clean sweep for defending Super Late Model point champion, Donald Lingo, Jr. on Saturday night at Delaware International. Lingo brought the regular points season to a close with his fourth win of the year and earning his fourth championship title. He then came back at the end of the night and passed Kenny Pettyjohn on the final lap of the 10-lap King of Kings dash for Super Late Model winners to make it a perfect end his season.


Kerry King was quick as he jumped out to the early lead in the 20-lap Late Model main. Staci Warrington applied the pressure in second with Hal Browning running in third. Browning’s drive would end on lap five when he got around collecting Amanda Whaley, David Hill and Andrew Mullins.


On the restart, Lingo, Jr. mounted a challenge on Warrington for second and took the spot on lap eight. Mark Byram was quick and followed Lingo, Jr. into third. King’s drive ended on lap nine as his car lost power coming off the fourth turn and slowed in front of the field. Lingo, Jr. contacted the rear of King’s car but was able to continue with only minor body damage.


Lingo, Jr. was now the leader at the halfway sign with Byram in second and Warrington third. Dale Lingo held the fourth spot and Kevin Scott, Jr. was running in fifth. The final yellow would fly with eight to go when Ross Robinson and Richard Jarvis, Jr. tangled. Dale Lingo got by Warrington for third on the restart as Byram challenged Lingo, Jr. for the lead.


Lingo, Jr. managed to hold off Byram and drive to his fourth win of the year. Byram finished a strong second with Dale Lingo third. Warrington ended a solid run in the fourth spot and Herb Tunis came on strong in the closing laps to finish in fifth. Heats were won by Lou Johnson and Tunis.


Eight of the ten eligible feature winners from the Super Late Model division competed in the 10-lap “King of Kings” dash. Kenny Pettyjohn jumped out to the early lead with Donald Lingo, Jr. running in second. Kenny opened a sizable lead until three laps to go when Lingo, Jr. started closing in. Lingo, Jr. took the lead coming to the white flag and drove to the last lap victory. Kenny Pettyjohn finished in second with Andrew Mullins third. Rounding out the field were Mark Pettyjohn, Richard Jarvis, Jr., Staci Warrington, Rob Schirmer and David Hill.


RESULTS: Super Late Model Finish: 1. Donald Lingo Jr; 2. Mark Byram; 3. Dale Lingo; 4. Staci Warrington; 5. Herb Tunis; 6. Kevin Scott Jr; 7. Mark Pettyjohn; 8. Andrew Mullins; 9. Kenny Pettyjohn; 10. David Hill; 11. Lou Johnson; 12. Rob Massey; 13. Richard Jarvis Jr; 14. Bob Geiger; 15. Ross Robinson; 16. Hal Browning; 17. Kerry King; 18. Rob Schirmer; 19. David Pettyjohn; 20. Amanda Whaley; 21. Mike  Parsons.