The AC Delco TSS Modified point championship would go down to the final event with John Curtis leading defending point champion, Joseph Tracey by just 60 points coming into the night. In the 15-lap feature, rookie Tyler Reed jumped out to the early lead with Dana Walker running in second and last week’s winner, Scott Hitchens third.


Tracey knew that he had to win to have a chance at the championship and was on the move taking third on lap four and one lap later pulling into second. The one and only caution of the race came on lap nine when Dwayne Crockett came to a halt. On the restart, Tracey grabbed the lead and started to pull away.


The remainder of the race was all Tracey as he drove to his sixth win which was a personal best. Reed made no mistakes to finish in the second spot with Hitchens third. Brandon Blades drove a solid race to finish in the fourth spot and Curtis clinched his first championship by rounding out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Ryan Anderson who finished in sixth after starting in tenth.


AC Delco TSS Finish: 1. Joseph Tracy; 2. Tyler Reed; 3. Scott Hitchens; 4. Brandon Blades; 5. John Curtis; 6. Ryan Anderson; 7. Scott Baker; 8. Danny Smack; 9. Trent Willey; 10. Chris Hitchens; 11. Westley Smith; 12. Paul McGinley; 13. Chad Clark; 14. Herman Powell; 15. Justin Griffith; 16. Brandon Watkins; 17. Gary Bostwick; 18. Ted Reynolds; 19. Herbie Hempel; 20. Dwayne Crockett; 21. Shawn Weber; 22. Dana Walker; 23. Norman Short Jr.