The 15-lap Mod Lite feature got off to a wild and scary start. James Hill got out of shape coming off the fourth turn for the green. He then shot down across the speedway and made hard contact with Ray Gulliver who was running in the bottom groove. Gulliver went into a series of barrel rolls flipping seven and a half times and coming to rest on his roof. The car was quickly righted by the safety crews and Gulliver was able to climb from the car uninjured. Brandon Sturgis, James McKinney, and Chad Passwaters were also involved in the crash.


Back under the green pole sitter Jimmy Wills was able to hold off four time champion Brandon Dennis and open a comfortable lead. Wills’ only scare came around the mid point of the race when he got out of shape in the fourth turn allowing Dennis to close on his back bumper.


A caution at the halfway point tightened the field but back under the green, Wills was able to gain some breathing room and drive to his second win of the season. Dennis finished a solid second the Landis Musser holding third for the distance. Fourth went to Nick Sapp who was making only his second start and Curt Miles, Jr. rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Wills.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. Jimmy Wills; 2. Brandon Dennis; 3. Landis Musser; 4. Nick Sapp; 5. Curt Miles Jr; 6. Kerry King Jr; 7. Brandon Sturgis; 8. Tim White; 9. Matt Smith; 10. Jason Musser; 11. James Wood; 12. Kirk Miles Sr; 13. Erik McKinney; 14. Jake Nelson; 15. James Hill; 16. Ray Gulliver; 17. James McKinney; 18. Alan Passwaters.W