Jimmy Wills was near perfect in winning his second fall championship in the 20-lap Mod Lite Feature. Wills started on the pole and drove away never to be seriously challenged. Brandon Dennis and Landis Musser swapped the second spot in the early laps before Dennis took the spot for good just before halfway.


A tangle with five to go eliminated Wills’ lead but back under the green he once again was able to pull away and drive to victory. Dennis finished in the second spot with Landis Musser third. Tim White never dropped from the top five and finished in fourth and Jason Musser came from eighth to round out the top five. Heats were won by Erik McKinney and Wills. Wills participated in the gambler’s fee earning $1000 for the win plus $240 in lap money for a total of $1240.


Mod Lite Finish: 1. Jimmy Wills; 2. Brandon Dennis; 3. Landis Musser; 4. Tim White; 5. Jason Musser; 6. Kevin McKinney; 7. Ryan Charland; 8. Kerry King Jr; 9. Erik McKinney; 10. Rick Wheatley; 11. Kirk Miles Sr; 12. Brandon Sturgis; 13. Alan Passwaters; 14. Brett Crowther; 15. Matt Smith; 16. Ray Gulliver; 17. Jake Nelson; 18. Curt Miles Jr; 19. Scott Tessman; 20. Nick Sapp; 21. James Wood.