Nick Davis was on a string as he shot from his pole starting spot to lead flag to flag in the 25-lap Crate Model Championship. Mike Wharton chased from second for the first two laps before Clint Chalabala moved by to pick up the chase.


Cautions spread throughout the race would not hamper Davis who was smooth and fast. The final yellow would fly with five to go when Robbie Emory came to a stop. On the restart Davis went right back to the groove he had been running all race long and went on to the win. Chalabala finished a solid second with Mike Wharton third. Dylan Evans put on a strong drive taking just past halfway and keeping the spot to the end and David Nailor turned in his best fall classic performance climbing to fifth win ten to go and holding on for the rest of the laps.


Heats were won by John Imler, Wharton and Davis. Davis paid the gambler’s fee making his win worth $1500, $340 in lap money plus $25 from Blondie for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness for a total of $1865. Davis’ car passed post race inspection on Monday and the results are now official.

Crate Finish: 1. Nick Davis; 2. Clint Chalabala; 3. Mike Wharton; 4. Dylan Evans; 5. David  Nailor; 6. John  Imler; 7. Tyler  Reed; 8. Joe Warren; 9. TJ Williams; 10. Sparky White; 11. Matt Hill; 12. Kellie Lewis; 13. Matt Glanden; 14. Robbie Emory; 15. Kelly Putz; 16. Stacy Roberts; 17. Cody Dawson; 18. John Emory; 19. Kevin Witcher; 20. Tim Williams; 21 Roy Hassler; 22. Reese Masiello; 23. Michael Wilkins; 24. Skip Syester; 25. Mike Wilson; 26. Tim White; 27. Derek Magee.