Ricky Elliott seems to be a master of extra distance races as he drove a calculated race in second spot for most of the 50-lap Super Late Model Delaware Championship and then used lapped traffic to his advantage to earn his second win in the annual fall classic.


Austin Hubbard started on the pole driving the potent Ernie Davis No. 25 with Elliott starting in second. The front runners quickly caught the tail end of the 30 car starting field and Elliott was quick to make his move. Just as he got by Hubbard the caution flew for Lou Johnson putting Elliott back in second for the restart.


Back under the green Elliott had to be content just trying to keep pace with Hubbard who was flying around the top. Kenny Pettyjohn made his presence know taking second on lap eight and holding the spot for the next six laps before Elliott got it back.


David Williams was putting on a good run and climbed to third on lap 17 with Mark Byram up to fifth at this point. Kenny Pettyjohn worked his way back into the third spot just before halfway with Richard Jarvis, Jr. following into fourth. With ten to go, Scott Haus entered the picture as he had climbed from tenth to fifth.


Hubbard had opened a second and a half margin over Elliott but with ten to go traffic once again came into play. With eight to go Elliott was in position directly behind Hubbard and when the opportunity appeared in traffic with five to go, Elliott made the pass for the lead.


Elliott was able to open a slight lead and took the win. Hubbard finished in the second spot with Kenny Pettyjohn third. Fourth went to Scott Haus and Williams rounded out the top five. Heats for the 28 cars were won by Hubbard, Williams and Elliott.


“He took my groove and I couldn’t do anything with him,: said Elliott. “so I just said I’m going to the top. It was a heck of a race. When he took my groove I lost some of my mojo.” Elliott paid the gambler’s fee upping his earnings to $6500 plus $90 in lap money for a $6590 payday.


Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Austin Hubbard; 3. Kenny Pettyjohn; 4. Scott Haus; 5. David Williams; 6. Mark Byram; 7. Richard Jarvis Jr; 8. David Hill; 9. Donald Lingo Jr; 10. Kevin Scott Jr; 11. Staci Warrington; 12. Amanda Whaley; 13. Rob Schirmer; 14. Brett Schadel; 15. Mike  Parsons; 16. Kerry King; 17. Hal Browning; 18. Herb Tunis; 19. Sam Schaeffer; 20. Kelly Putz; 21. Bob Geiger; 22. Lou Johnson; 23. David Pettyjohn; 24. Andrew Haus; 25. Andrew Mullins; 26. Roy Deese Jr; 27. Mark Pettyjohn; 28. Dale Lingo.