Fifteen year old Dylan Evans took full advantage of starting on the pole in the 25 car Crate Model field taking control right from the start of the 15-lap feature. Past champion Tyler Reed chased from second with Sparky White running in third.

Matt Hill was on a mission quickly working from his fifth starting spot to take second by lap three. By the halfway sign the top five were Evans, Hill, Reed, White and Roy Hassler. Two cautions on laps nine and 11 kept the challengers on Evans’ bumper but the youngster showed a lot of maturity by making no mistakes and driving to his second career win in the division.

Hill ended a good drive in second with Reed getting the season off to a good start finishing in third. White drove a smooth race to finish in the fourth spot and Hassler ended a good run in fifth. Fast time in group qualifying was set by Evans who benefited from a zero inversion draw.

Crate Finish: 1. Dylan Evans; 2. Matt Hill; 3. Tyler  Reed; 4. Sparky White; 5. Roy Hassler; 6. Mike Wharton; 7. John  Imler; 8. John Emory; 9. Joe Warren; 10. Derek Magee: 11. Matt Glanden; 12. Mike Wilson; 13. Robbie Emory; 14. Scott Tessman; 15. David Nailor; 16. Clint Chalabala; 17. Kellie Lewis; 18. Billy Thompson; 19. Reese Masiello; 20. Rob Bragg; 21. Donnie Wlliams; 22. Robbie Walls Jr; 23. Nick Davis; 24. T.J. Williams; 25. Nicholas Sarvino.