The 15-lap Mod Lite feature was a good one with Ray Gulliver leading the 19 car field to the green. Jason Musser held second with Curt Miles, Jr. in third. Landis Musser climbed into third behind his brother with defending champion Brandon Dennis in fourth.

Dennis pulled to the infield ending his drive moving James Hill to fourth. Landis Musser took the lead on lap six as Hill shot into the second spot. By halfway, Jimmy Wills had worked into the third spot.

Hill would complete his charge to the front on lap nine and would run the high groove all the way to the win. Wills got by Landis Musser with four to go and finished in second with Landis holding on to take third. Fourth went to Gulliver and Kevin McKinney came from tenth to finish in fifth. Hill set fast time in qualifying but started in the eighth spot due to the inversion draw.

Mod Lite Finish:  1. James Hill; 2. Jimmy Wills; 3. Landis Musser; 4. Ray Gulliver; 5. Kevin McKinney; 6. Jason Musser; 7. Curt Miles Jr; 8. Kirk Miles Sr; 9. Josh Clark; 10. Alan Passwaters; 11. Jim Bogett; 12. Chad Passwaters; 13. Zac Weller; 14. Joe Moore; 15. Tim White; 16. Jake Nelson; 17. Aaron VanVorst; 18. Brandon Dennis; 19. Eric McKinney.