The Super Late Model 20-lap feature was a real barn burner. Former five time champion Lou Johnson jumped out to the early lead over Kerry King. The yellow was out on lap three when Richard Jarvis, Jr. got sideways in the fourth turn and collected Dale Lingo, IV.

On the restart, David Hill moved into the second spot behind Johnson. Running in third was former champion, Ray Davis, Jr. who sat out the entire 2011 season. Davis jumped into the top groove in the tight three car pack and edged by Hill on lap five. One lap later he shot by Johnson to take the lead. The yellow was back out on lap nine when Mark Byram came to a stop with a flat rear tire.

Staci Warrington began to show some muscle as she took third from Johnson on the restart. By lap 13, defending champion Donald Lingo, Jr. who had started in tenth due to the ten car inversion, cracked the top five.

The final yellow came out with four to go when Warrington got off the top lip of turn two and spun. Lingo, Jr. grabbed third on the restart but Davis was not to be denied as he remained perfect to the checkered.

“You better bet I’ve missed this place as much as you have missed me,” smiled Davis in Victory Lane. “It’s been a long year off. I’m glad to come back. A lot of nights in the garage paid off. We worked all the way up to four-thirty today and loaded it up and came to the races with one thing in mind – to win. We’re back baby!”

Hill finished in the second spot with Lingo, Jr. third. Richard Jarvis, Jr. drove back through the pack to finish in third with David Pettyjohn fourth and Kerry King fifth. Heats were won by Herb Tunis and Lingo, Jr.

Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ray Davis Jr; 2. David Hill; 3. Donald Lingo Jr; 4. Richard Jarvis Jr; 5. David Pettyjohn; 6. Kerry King; 7. Herb Tunis; 8. Dale Lingo; 9. Mark Byram; 10. Lou Johnson; 11. Amanda Whaley; 12. Bryan Driver; 13. Bob Geiger; 14. Staci Warrington; 15. Mike  Parsons; 16. Kerry King Jr; 17. Stacy Roberts; 18. Dave Graber; 19. Rob Schirmer; 20. Kevin Scott Jr; DNS: Rob Massey.