Ashley Merritt led the first three laps of the Delmarva Charger/Super Truck 10-lap feature. Geoff Carey charged from eighth to lead lap four. Once out front, Carey would never be headed as he drove his Pontiac Sundance to the win, his first at Delaware International. Ashley Merritt chased Carey the remainder of the distance to finish in second and Jay Sipple came from tenth to finish in third. Kyle Tubbs finished in the fourth spot and Mattie Long, who started in 11th was first Super Truck finishing in fifth.

Delmarva Charger/Super Truck (ST) Finish: 1. Geoff Carey; 2. Ashley Merritt; 3. Jay Sipple; 4. Kyle Tubbs; 5. Matt Long (ST); 6. Chris Martinez; 7. Butch Hudson; 8. Mike Lewis (ST); 9. Hunter Wharton (ST); 10. Derrick Swafford; 11. Wood Chuck; 12. Dalyton Strohl; 13. Billy Lockwood (ST); 14. Shannon Lewis; 15. Wayne White, Jr.; 16. Tim Quay (ST); 17. Tyler White; 18. Randy Merritt; 19. Michelle Jackson; 20. Jackie Parsons.