By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE (5/12/12) – H.J. Bunting had to first chase Brad Trice then was caught off guard on a restart and had to run down Matt Jester before winning Saturday night’s 25-lap NAPA Big Block Modified feature at the Delaware International Speedway.

Brad Trice started on the pole and had to hold off Jester right from the drop of the green. The caution was out before the first lap of the feature was in the books as Scott Van Gorder got around coming off the second turn collecting Donnie Radd and Matt Hawkins.

When the green came back out Bunting was able to work by Jester into second and closed on Trice just as the yellow flew for a second time as Van Gorder came to a stop for a second time with suspension problems. On The restart, Jester jumped up to the high groove and was able to work past both Bunting and Trice to take the lead.

Bunting followed into second and was able to close on the leader in te bottom groove. Bunting worked has way on top just before halfway. At the midpoint the top five were Bunting, Jester, Jamie Mills, Trice and Robert Dutton.

The race remained green from lap four on and by lap 18, the leaders were working traffic. Bunting was smooth cutting through the back of the pack but Mills was able to take advantage of the lapped cars to get by Jester with three laps  to go.

Bunting remained flawless the remainder of the distance to post his second win of the season with Mills second and Jester third. Trice finished in the fourth spot and Dutton rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Mills and Van Gorder.

NAPA Big Block Modified Finish: 1. HJ Bunting; 2. Jamie Mills; 3. Matt Jester; 4. Brad Trice; 5. Robert Dutton; 6. Dana Walker; 7. Tim Trimble; 8. Beau Wilkins; 9. Howard ONeal; 10. Michael White; 11. Kyle Fuller; 12. Shawn Ward; 13. Matt Hawkins; 14. Dale Hawkins; 15. Scott Van Gorder; 16. Donny Radd.