Paul McGinley looked strong in the in the early stages of the 15-lap AC Delco PSC Modified feature. McGinley maintained a smooth line while Bobby Watkins trailed in a close second. Westley Smith held the third spot and by halfway was followed by Scott Baker and Joseph Tracy in the top five.

The race would go caution free and Watkins began to turn up the heat on McGinley with five to go. With three laps to go, Watkins edged on top and was able to open a two car length advantage to the checkered. In post race tech on Monday afternoon, Watkins’ car failed the fuel check and Watkins was disqualified. McGinley thought ┬áhe had posted a personal best finishing in the second spot however he has been credited with the win with Smith second. Third went to Joe Tracy with Scott Baker fourth and Jordan Watson rounded out the top five. Fast time was set by Tracy in qualifying but he started in the eighth spot due to the inversion draw. The race was run in 5:28.084.

AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1.Paul McGinley; 2. Westley Smith; 3. Joseph Tracy; 4. Scott Baker; 5. Jordan Watson; 6. Ty Short; 7. John Curtis; 8. Chad Clark; 9. Brandon Blades; 10. Trent Willey; 11. Adam Weber; 12. Rodney Cordrey; 13. Dwayne Crockett; 14. Billy Carr; 15. Drew Simmons; 16. Eric Humlhanz; 17. Herbie Hempel; 18. Gary Bostwick; 19. Danny Smack; 20. Brandon Watkins; 21. Nick Alberti; 22. Shawn Weber; 23. Nick Nash; 24. Clay Tatman; 25. Scott Hitchens; 26. Ed Brown, DNS: Tyler Reed; DQ: Bobby Watkins