The 20-lap Super Late Model feature at Delaware International on Saturday night was about as good as it gets. Dale Lingo, IV led every lap with the exception of the all-important final one.

Dale Lingo started on the pole with Staci Warrington moving past Bob Geiger to take second on lap one. Mark Byram started in fifth but was running in third by lap one. Byram had just driven into the second spot on lap eight when Richard Jarvis, Jr. and David Pettyjohn got together going down the back straight. Jarvis did a 360 degree spin and kept moving but David Hill and Geiger spun to avoid him. Stacy Roberts went to the outside and made hard contact with Geiger bringing out the yellow.

On the restart Byram started to hound the leader as Andrew Mullins made his presence known by taking third. Donald Lingo was on the climb coming from tenth to fifth just before halfway. The second half of the race was all run under the green until lap 17. Just when it looked like Dale Lingo was headed to victory the yellow came out as Roberts came to a stop.

Byram was able to hang tight to the leader on the restart and going into the final turn he shot to the outside and out ran Lingo to the checkered by just two tenths of a second. Dale Lingo posted a season high second with Mullins third. Fourth went to Donald Lingo, Jr. and Warrington rounded out the top five.

“I was really surprised on that last lap,” said Byram. “I didn’t think there was anything on the outsde but I thought that I might as well try it.” Heats were won by Donald Lingo, Jr. and Lou Johnson.

Late Model Finish: 1. Mark Byram; 2. Dale Lingo, IV; 2. Andrew Mullins; 4. Donald Lingo, Jr.; 5. Staci Warrington; 6. Richard Jarvis, Jr.; 7. Ray Davis, Jr.; 8. David Hill; 9. Amanda Whaley; 10. Lou Johnson; 11. Kerry King; 12. Bryan Driver; 13. Kerry King, Jr.; 14. Kevin Scott, Jr.; 15. Stacy Roberts; 16. David Pettyjohn; 17. Bob Geiger.