By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE (5/26/12) – H.J. Bunting continued to be on his “A” game as he cruised to his fourth win of the season in the 25-lap Kyle Dixon Memorial Big Block Modified feature, Saturday night at the Delaware International Speedway.

Bunting and Shawn Ward captured the qualifying heats but the inversion draw was a six so Bunting started in the sixth spot with Robert Dutton on the pole. Dutton was fast from the drop of the green with Brad Trice trying to keep him from pulling away.

Bunting picked up two spots on the first lap and by lap three took third from Michael White. The battle for the lead quickly developed into a three car affair with Bunting edging by Trice for second on lap seven. Dutton was able to hold on for two more circuits before Bunting moved on top for good on lap nine.

Trice followed into the second spot and as Jamie Mills, who had started in eighth, moved into the top five. Beau Wilkins was on the move and was tight on Mills’ back bumper when the two got to White who was running in fourth. Going down the back straight, Mills couldn’t edge under White so he shot to the outside but Wilkins was already there. The two made contact with Wilkins bouncing off the wall and spinning wildly down the back straight to bring out the first of only two yellows on lap 14.

Bunting and Trice powered away on the restart but the yellow was out on the following lap when Dana Walker came to a stop. The rest of the distance was a repeat of the first restart with Bunting and Trice pulling away and Trice unable to make a challenge.

Bunting drove to his fourth checkered of the season and extended his point lead. Trice finished a solid second with Dutton holding off the last lap challenge of Mills to finish in third. Fourth went to Mills and Matt Jester came from the rear of the field to finish in the fifth spot.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better from this car,” said Bunting. “It’s been perfect since the first night on. I haven’t changed a thing on it. I would just like to thank Jake (Marine) and guys for keeping it going every week.

Pos No. Name Best Tm Best Spd
1 85 HJ Bunting 18.997 94.752
2 33 Brad Trice 19.052 94.478
3 888 Robert Dutton 19.34 93.071
4 1W Jamie Mills 18.883 95.324
5 62 Matt Jester 19.267 93.424
6 68 Kyle Fuller 19.599 91.841
7 17 Scott Van Gorder 19.651 91.598
8 83 Dale Hawkins 19.637 91.664
9 28J Dana Walker 19.39 92.831
10 21 Tim Trimble 19.765 91.07
11 38 Matt Hawkins 19.926 90.334
12 43 Michael White 19.433 92.626
13 90w Beau Wilkins 19.238 93.565
14 14K Shawn Ward 19.805 90.886
15 1x Norman Short 21.71 82.911
16 O9 Howard ONeal 20.117 89.477