Mark Pettyjohn arrived late and was forced to start in the rear of his heat. After a first lap incident Pettyjohn found himself sitting in third behind eventual winner Donald Lingo, Jr. and David Hill. He would advance to the main after finishing third and when the draw for the inversion came up six, he would start on the pole for the main.

Getting the first lap of the 20-lap feature in became a nightmare, taking six attempts before the first lap was in the books. When that first lap was complete Pettyjohn was out front with point leader Mark Byram running strong in second and Donald Lingo, Jr. in third.

Byram slipped out front for lap seven but at the halfway sign it was Pettyjohn driving his way back on top. The race would go non-stop from lap three on and the top five remained unchanged from the halfway flags to the checkered. Pettyjohn got his first win of the year with Byam second and Lingo, Jr. third. Fourth went to Andrew Mullins and last week’s winner, Staci Warrington rounded out the top five. Mullins won the first heat.

“Thursday night was the first time out for this car, it’s an older car but it was the first time out for it this year,” said Pettyjohn. “Thursday night turned out to be a test and tune. We wanted to bring it back out tonight and get it right.”

Pos No. Name Best Tm Best Spd Laps Start Pos
1 8ball Mark Pettyjohn 20.154 89.312 20 0
2 45 Mark Byram 20.1 89.552 20 2
3 55L Donald Lingo Jr 20.224 89.003 20 5
4 51 Andrew Mullins 20.254 88.871 20 6
5 20 Staci Warrington 20.257 88.858 20 7
6 75 David Hill 20.361 88.404 20 3
7 12 Kevin Scott Jr 20.644 87.192 20 8
8 KB1 Kerry King Jr 20.804 86.522 20 4
9 K&B Kerry King 20.655 87.146 20 10
10 38 Bob Geiger 21.483 83.787 19 12
11 44 Amanda Whaley 21.104 85.292 13 9
12 z14 Stacy Roberts 22.057 81.607 2 11
13 96 Lou Johnson -.— 0 13