By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE (6/16/12) – Kerry King drove a near perfect race but it would be a late race caution that would prove to be his demise. Ricky Elliott would lead only one lap but it was the all important last one as he took the win in the 20-lap William J. and Juanita Cathell Memorial Late Model feature..

Kerry King won the first heat and started on the pole with second heat winner, David Pettyjohn starting in second. On the green King went to the high line with Pettyjohn in tow. A fierce battle for third through sixth developed between Mark Byram, Richard Jarvis, Jr., Donald Lingo, Jr. and Ricky Elliott.

King still looked strong at the halfway sign with Pettyjohn holding second. Jarvis had worked his way up to third with Byram holding fourth and Elliott fifth. The caution was out at this point when Staci Warrington slowed to a stop off turn two

After the restart, Elliott started his slow and methodical march up through the top five using the bottom line. He took fourth from Byram on lap 12 then third from Jarvis five laps later. King had a comfortable lead with two laps to go when the yellow came out for Lou Johnson who rolled to a stop in the fourth turn.

Elliott had just gotten by Pettyjohn for second and with two to go began to challenge King on the inside. Elliott was able to slide by on the inside on the final lap to pick up the win. King ended a superb run in second with Pettyjohn third. Fourth went to Donald Lingo, Jr. and Byram rounded out the top five.

“Kerry drove a heck of a race,” said Elliott. “I would have had a tough time getting by him had it not been for that last restart.”

Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Kerry King; 3. David Pettyjohn; 4. Donald Lingo Jr; 5. Mark Byram; 6. Richard Jarvis Jr; 7 Dale Lingo; 8. Nick Davis; 9. David Hill; 10. Kerry King Jr; 11. Kevin Scott Jr; 12. Bob Geiger; 13. Stacy Roberts; 14. Lou Johnson; 15. Mike  Parsonsl 16, Staci Warrington; 17. Andrew Mullins.