The 12-lap Little Lincoln feature got off to a wild start when Bill Brittingham rode the wall down the front straight and flipped just past the flag stand. Brittingham was uninjured in the crash. Mel Joseph, Jr. . grabbed the lead with Kirk Lawson.

Donald Robinson, Jr. took the point on lap 3 but at the halfway sign it was Joseph back on top. John Stevenson was on the move pulling into second and he moved on top with four to go.  Jamie Wagner was on the move and made his presence known when he took second from Joseph with two laps to go.

The yellow was out for a final time when Steve Baker got off the fourth turn with one to go. On the one lap shoot out Wagner used the outside to take the lead and hold on for the win, his first of the season. Stevenson finished in the second spot with Joseph third. Fourth went to Dylan Betts and Brain Nailor rounded out the top five.

Little Lincoln Finish: 1. Jamie Wagner; 2. John Stevenson; 3. Mel Joseph, Jr.;  4. Dylan Betts; 56. Brian Nailor; 6. Curt Lawson; 7. Steven Baker; 8. David Archer; 9. Clay Stevens; 10. Mark Cashdan; 11. Donald Robinson, Jr.; 12. Jeff Adkins; 13. Bill Brittingham.