The 15-lap Crate Model feature was a wild affair right from the drop of the green. Gus Economedies bounced off the wall and turned Sparky White. Five more cars piled in at the starting line. On the restart, pole sitter Derek Magee slowed coming off turn two which triggered a six car tangle. It would take two more attempts to get the first lap in and when it finally was, Mike Wharton was on top with Tyler Reed riding his bumper.

The rest of the race would have only two more yellows allowing the front five of Wharton, Reed, Clint Chalabala, Joe Warren and Matt Hill to settle in to some solid racing. First it was Warren climbing into third then Hill worked his way into the third spot.

The final yellow was out with two laps to go for a spin. Wharton would not falter on the restart and was able to hold off Reed to the checkered. Hill finished in the third spot with Warren fourth and Chalabala fifth. Fast time in qualifying was set once again by Matt Glanden.

In the post-race interview, Wharton paid tribute to Elk Mooneyham who he had personally been associated with and respected greatly for all that he had done for racing.

Crate Model Finish: 1. Mike Wharton; 2. Tyler  Reed; 3. Matt Hill; 4. Joe Warren; 5. Clint Chalabala; 6. Robbie Emory; 7. Sparky White; 8. Billy Thompson; 9. John Emory; 10. Kellie Lewis; 11. T.J. Williams; 12. Roy Hassler; 13. Mike Wilson; 14. Gus Economides; 15. Derek Magee; 16. Matt Glanden; 17. Reese Masiello; 18. Scott Tessman; 19. Robbie Walls Jr.