By Charlie Brown, Delmar, DE (7/10/12) – A huge crowd and a staggering 152 race teams turned out for Tuesday night’s 40th Annual Camp Barnes Benefit presented by Camp Barnes, Inc. and the Delaware State Police. Walking away with the lion’s share of the purse was Jamie Mills as he won his heat, captured the 25-lap Big Block Modified feature and won the 12-lap Modifieds vs. Super Late Model Shootout earning a total for the night of $4720!


Howard O’Neal jumped out to the early lead with H.J. Bunting running hard in second.  Bunting’s car suddenly slowed on lap four collecting Joseph Watson and bringing out the yellow. The safety crews found Bunting dazed after being hit in the helmet by a large chunk of clay. Bunting was able to continue and restarted at the rear of the field.


Beau Wilkins was now riding second with Brad Trice in third and Jamie Mills on the move in fourth. Mill took third on lap six, second on lap seven and continued to the front on lap eight. Wilkins followed into the second spot with Trice doing likewise to take third.


By lap 14 Mills was comfortably out front and Bunting had drove from the rear back into the top five. The final yellow would fly with six to go when Wilkins lost an engine in the fourth turn. Bunting was now third with Ryan Godown and Matt Jester fourth and fifth.


Bunting was able to get by Trice for second with four to go but Mills was not to be caught as he drove to his fourth win of the season. Bunting, Trice, Godown and Rick Laubach rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Mills and Eric Kormann.


A stellar field of 23 Super Late Models were on hand with invader David Williams starting on the pole. Williams has been a long-time supporter of the Camp Barnes event and the Fall Championship at the speedway but had never posted a win at the track.


Williams was smooth and fast right from the drop of the green with David Pettyjohn and Daryl Hills battling for second. By lap eight, Hills was running second behind Williams but Kenny Pettyjohn was on a charge and was up to third.


Kenny Pettyjohn continued towards the front dropping Hills to third on lap nine. Austin Hubbard looked strong as he took the third spot and was followed by Hills and Ricky Elliott at the halfway sign.


Three cautions spread through the final ten laps would keep the field on Williams’ back bumper but he would make no mistakes as he drove to his first win ever and DIS. Williams collected $3000 for the victory and an additional $1000 for leading all 25 laps. Kenny Pettyjohn finished in second with Hubbard third. Fourth went to Elliott and Mark Byram rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Kenny Pettyjohn and David Pettyjohn.


In the 12-lap Modified vs. Super Late Model Shoot out the top five finishers from each of the two feature drew for starting postions. Mark Byram led the first three laps before Mills moved on top. The caution was brought out at the halfway sign and drivers outside of the top five were sent to the pits. The remaining drivers drew for restart position and Mills continued his good fortune for the night drawing number one. In the second half Bunting was able to get to second but Mills just cruised to the $1000 win. Bunting finished in second with Byram, Elliott and Trice rounding out the top five.


It took two attempts to get lap one of the 15-lap Crate Model main in and when it did it was Dylan Evans was heading the field. Joe Warren settled into second while Sparky White dropped Derek Magee to fourth. Mike Wharton took third on lap six and with five to go moved into second.


Cautions on laps 11 and 12 kept the field on the leaders back bumper but Evans would make no mistakes as he drove to his second win of the year and his first Camp Barnes Benefit win. Wharton finished in second with Nick Davis making a late race charge to finish in third. Fourth went to Wharton and Sparky White rounded out the top five.


Jordan Watson led wire to wire to win his second consecutive 15-lap Camp Barnes AC Delco Modified feature. Watson took command at the start as Bobby Watkins worked by Brandon Blades for second. Watkins’ night ended at the halfway point when he came to a stop bringing out the yellow.


Joseph Tracy would restart in second and would chase Watson the remainder of the distance. Watson took the win with Tracy second and Rodney Cordrey putting on a late race drive to finish in third. Fourth went to John Curtis and Ryan Anderson rounded out the top five. Fast time for the 30 cars was set in qualifying by Tracy,


The Mod Lite 15-lap feature was a wild one. Curt Miles, Jr. jumped out to the early lead. James Hill worked on top on lap six just as the yellow was out as Nick Hendricks rolled off the first turn. He was not injured in the crash.


Jimmy Wills worked by Miles, Jr. for second. The yellow was out with two laps to go and when the race went back to green Wills mounted a challenge on Hill. Wills pulled even on the final lap and edged ahead coming off the second turn. Wills drifted high but had not completely cleared Hill. The pair made contact with Hill hitting the wall and flipping wildly down the back straight. Hill was able to climb from the car and walk away.


Wills would lead the final lap to take te win with Jason Musser posting a person best finish in second. Mike Stratton finished in the third spot with Ray Gulliver fourth and Alan Passwaters fifth.  Fast time in qualifying was set by Wills.


In the 10-lap Little Lincoln feature, John Stevenson led the first two laps before Donald Robinson, Jr., who started in third moved on top. Cautions spread through the ten laps kept the top cars of Robinson, Stevenson, Bill Brittingham and Dylan Betts running in a lead battle pack.


The final yellow came out with two laps to go setting up the dash. Robinson would make no mistakes first holding off Betts and then Brittingham to take the win. Brittingham finished in second with Jamie Wager coming from the rear after a flat tire to take third. Fourth went to Steven Baker as he edged Betts at the line. Robinson announced that the race would be his last and that he was retiring from racing. “I wanted to go out on top so tonight is my last race.


A strong field of Delmarva Chargers and Trucks was on hand to round out the night. Kyle Tubbs started in fourth but by the end of the first lap was riding in the lead. Ashley Merritt charged from sixth to second by lap two but would chase Tubbs the remaining eight laps and Tubbs made no mistakes and took the win. It was the first time out for his new car.


Ashley Merritt finished in second with Brett Sellers turning in a good performance to finish in third. Fourth went to Wood Chuck and Geoff Carey rounded out the top five. First truck was Tim Quay who finished in the ninth spot.


Big Block Modified Finish:  1. Jamie Mills; 2. HJ Bunting; 3. Brad Trice; 4. Ryan  Godown; 5. Rick Laubach; 6. Matt Jester; 7. Howard ONeal; 8. Bob Wilkins; 9. Erik Kormann; 10. Scott Van Gorder; 11. Donny Radd; 12. Robert Dutton; 13. Steven Downs; 14. Duane Rust; 15. Beau Wilkins; 16. Michael White; 17. Dale Hawkinsj; 18. Joseph Watson; DNS: Jerry Carter; Kyle Fuller.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. David Williams; 2. Kenny Pettyjohn; 3. Austin Hubbard; 4. Ricky Elliott; 5. Mark Byram; 6. David Hill; 7. Darryl Hills; 8. David Pettyjohn; 9. Donald Lingo Jr; 10. Herb Tunis; 11. Rob Schirmer; 12. Staci Warrington; 13. Lou Johnson; 14. Scott Cross; 15. Kerry King Jr; 16. Stacy Roberts; 17. Dale Lingo; 18. Mark Pettyjohn; 19. Andrew Mullins; 20. Nick Davis; 21. Richard Jarvis Jr; 22. Bryan Driver; 23. Kerry King.


Modified vs. Late Model Shootout Finish: 1. Jamie Mills; 2. HJ Bunting; 3. Mark Byram; 4. Ricky Elliott; 5. Brad Trice; 6. Matt Jester; 7. David Hill; 8. Austin Hubbard; 9. Ryan  Godown; 10. David Williams.



Crate Model Finish: 1. Dylan Evans; 2. Mike Wharton; 3. Nick Davis; 4. Joe Warren; 5. Sparky White; 6. Matt Glanden; 7. Derek Magee; 8. John  Imler; 9. Donald Lingo Jr; 10. Tyler  Reed; 11. Robbie Walls Jr; 12. Robbie Emory; 13. Jamie Eicholz; 14. John Emory; 15. Kellie Lewis; 16.T.J. Williams; 17. Rob Bragg; 18. Daniel Hudson; 19. Matt Hill; 20. Mike Wilson; 21. Reese Masiello; 22. David  Nailor; 23. Billy Thompson.



AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Jordan Watson; 2. Joseph Tracy; 3. Rodney Cordrey; 4 John Curtis; 5. Ryan Anderson; 6. Trent Willey; 7. Dwayne Crockett; 8. Brandon Blades; 9. Scott Baker; 10. Chad Clark; 11. Westley Smith; 12. Nick Nash; 13. Tim Trimble; 14. Eric Humlhanz; 15. Matt Hawkins; 16. Kevin Gardner; 17. Colby Steele; 18. Adam Weber; 19. Nick Alberti; 20. Herbie Hempel; 21. Shawn Weber; 22. Clay Tatman; 23. Brandon Gallo; 24. Ed Brown; 25. Ty Short; 26. Bobby Watkins; 27. Ray Davis Jr; 28. Scott Hitchens; 29. Brandon Watkins; 30. Jeff Marker.



Mod Lite Finish: 1. Jimmy Wills; 2. Jason Musser; 3. Mike  Stratton; 4. Ray Gulliver; 5. Alan Passwaters; 6. Kirk Miles Sr; 7. Aaron VanVorst; 8. Ryan Dryden; 9. Harry Mears; 10. Jake Nelson; 11. James Hill; 12. Curt Miles Jr; 13. Brandon Sturgis; 14. Zac Weller; 15. Nick Hendricks; 16. Landis Musser; 17. Brandon Dennis; 18. Calvin Musser; 19. Josh Clark; 20. Chad Passwaters.


Little Lincoln Finish: 1. Donald Robinson, Jr.; 2. Bill Brittingham; 3. Jamie Wagner; 4. Steven Baker; 5. Dylan Betts; 6. John Stevenson; 7. Kirk Lawson; 8. David Archer; 9. Virgil Davis; 10. Clay Stevnes; 11. Brian  ailor; DNS: Mel Joseph, Jr.


Delmarva Chargers Finish: 1. Kyle Tubbs; 2. Ashley Merritt; 3. Brett Sellers; 4. Wood Chuck; 5. Geoff Carey; 6. Cody Hudson; 7. Ryan Riddle; 8. Derrick Swafford; 9. Tim Quay (first truck); 10. Randy Gray; 11. Brandon Okley; 12. Mike Merrell; 13. Gene Hicks; 14. Billy Lockly; 15. Randy Merritt; 16. Michelle Jackson; 17. Jay Sipple; 18. Chris Ham; 19. Thomas Lecates; 20. Guy Mitchell; 21. Greyson Stevens; 22. Butch Hudson; 23. Matt Long; 23. Shane Clogg.