Second year driver, Derek Magee looked strong in the early stages of the 15-lap Crate Model feature. Matt Hill and Mike Wharton pressured Magee from the start with first Hill then Wharton running in second. Hill regained second on lap seven and one lap later took the lead.


Once out front Hill would not be challenged as the race ran caution free from lap six on. Magee turned in his personal best performance holding off Tyler Reed to finish in second. Fourth went to Matt Glanden who set fast time in qualifying and Mike Wilson rounded out the top five.


Crate Model Finish: 1. Matt Hill; 2. Derek Magee; 3. Tyler  Reed; 4. Matt Glanden; 5. Mike Wilson; 6. Joe Warren; 7. Sparky White; 8. John  Imler; 9. Robbie Emory; 10. Dylan Evans; 11. Reese Masiello; 12. Chris Hitchens; 13. Scott Tessman; 14. John Emory;15. Mike Wharton; 16. Billy Thompson; 17. Roy Hassler; 18. T.J. Williams; 19. Robbie Walls Jr; 20. Kellie Lewis; 21. Tim Williams; 22. Daniel Hudson; 23. Richard Harden.