Elliott drew an eight car inversion of the first feature finish to put Herb Tunis on the pole. Jarvis started in the third spot but shot by both Tunis and Lou Johnson to lead lap one. Elliott was fifth by the end of the first lap and was running in third by lap four. On lap later he got by Tunis for second and the chase was on.


There appeared to be plenty of time for Elliott to catch Jarvis but the only problem was that Jarvis was pulling away. As the race continued caution free, Jarvis was increasing his lead by about two tenths of a second each lap.


That all changed when Jarvis started to lap traffic. The back of the pack was having their own battle for position running in both the high and low grooves. Elliott started to close the gap but time would run out as the race went caution free and Jarvis picked up his first win of the season. Elliott ended a good night finishing in second with Hill posting his second top five of the night in third. Fourth went to Lingo, Jr. and Tunis turned in a nice performance to finish in fifth.


“That’s been a long time coming. That win was hard to get,” said Jarvis. “We’ve had a monkey on my back but I have a great team behind me.”


2nd Super Late Model Finish: 1. Richard Jarvis Jr; 2. Ricky Elliott; 3. David Hill; 4. Donald Lingo Jr; 5. Herb Tunis; 6. Lou Johnson; 7. Kerry King Jr; 8. Kerry King; 9. Mark Byram; 10. Dale Lingo; 11. Nick Davis; 12. Stacy Roberts; 13. Bob Geiger; 14. Staci Warrington; DNS: Kevin Scott Jr; Rob Bragg.