Jason Musser led the first five laps of the Mod Lite 15-lap feature before Mike Stratton took the lead. James Hill was on a charge in his new car and took the second spot from Jason Musser at the halfway sign. Landis Musser held down the fourth spot while Curt Miles, Jr. ran in fifth.

With five to go Jimmy Wills shot by both Jason and Landis Musser to take third. Jason Musser and Curt Miles, Jr. made contact with Miles doing a slow roll on the front straight. Hill started to pressure Stratton on the restart and with one to go took the lead. Hill went on to his fifth win of the season with Stratton ending a good drive in second. Third went to Jason Musser with Ray Gulliver fourth and Brandon Sturgis fifth. Fast time in qualifying was set by Wills.

Mod Lite Finish: 1. James Hill; 2. Mike  Stratton; 3. Jason Musser; 4. Ray Gulliver; 5. Brandon Sturgis; 6. Zac Weller; 7. Curt Miles Jr; 8. Aaron VanVorst; 9. Kirk Miles Sr; 10. Jimmy Wills; 11. Harry Mearsl 12, Landis Musserl 13. Ryan Dryden; 14. Jake Nelson; 15. Andy Sapp; 16. Gary Simpson; 17. Josh Clark; DNS: Nick Sapp.