Staci Warrington led the first lap of the 20-lap Super Late Model feature with Lou Johnson running in second. Kerry King, Jr. and Richard Jarvis, Jr. made hard contact on the front straight ending the night for both drivers. Nick Davis took second behind Warrington on the restart.


Donald Lingo, Jr. was on a charge taking third from Johnson and then second from Davis. By lap eight Lingo, Jr. was challenging Warrington for the lead and Ricky Elliott had raced into third. The trio was bumper to bumper on lap nine and at the halfway sign, Lingo, Jr. took the lead with Elliott following into second.


Elliott moved under Lingo, Jr. for the lead going down the back straight on lap 13. The caution was out as Warrington broke a wheel and limped to a stop in the fourth turn. David Hill was now running in fourth but slowed with a flat rear tire. Mark Byram was on the move taking third with three to go.


Elliott checked out in the lead and drove to his fifth win. Lingo, Jr. finished in second with Byram third. Fourth went to Nick Davis and Kerry King rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Jarvis and Elliott.


Super Late Model Finish: 1. Ricky Elliott; 2. Donald Lingo Jr; 3. Mark Byram; 4. Nick Davis; 5. Kerry King; 6. David Pettyjohn; 7. Dale Lingo; 8. Rob Schirmer; 9. Andrew Mullins; 10. Lou Johnson; 11. Kevin Scott Jr; 12. Bob Geiger; 13. Brandon Dennis; 14. David Hill; 15. Staci Warrington; 16. Richard Jarvis Jr; 17. Kerry King Jr; 18. Herb Tunis.