Brandon Blades set fast time in the AC Delco PSC Modified qualifying but the eight car inversion draw placed Trent Willey on the pole. Willey led in the early going with Chad Clark running in second. Jeff Coffey was on the move taking fourth from Dwayne Crockett on lap four and third from Ty Short two laps later.


Clark made the pass on Willey to lead lap seven and the yellow was out at the halfway sign tightening the top five. On the restart, Coffey went to work on Willey taking second with five to go. Point leader, Jordan Watson was on the move after starting in tenth and cracked the top five with two laps to go.


Clark would make no mistakes as he held on to post his second win of the season. Coffey finished in second once again with Watson climbing to third on the final lap. Fourth went to Willey and Joseph Tracey rounded out the top five.


AC Delco PSC Modified Finish: 1. Chad Clark; 2. Jeff Coffey; 3. Jordan Watson; 4. Trent Willey; 5. Joseph Tracy; 6. Ty Short; 7. Dwayne Crockett; 8. Scott Hitchens; 9. Scott Baker; 10. Danny Smack; 11. Brandon Watkins; 12. Ed Brown; 13. Westley Smith; 14. Eric Humlhanz; 15. Rodney Cordrey; 16. Herman Powell; 17. John Curtis; 18 Ava Mercado; 19. Garrie Bostwick; 20. Herbie Hempel; 21. Nick Alberti; 22. Shawn Weber; 23. Brandon Blades; 24. Drew Simmons; 25. Nick Nash; 26. Tim Trimble; 27. Adam Weber; 28. Mike Hovatter.