Donald Lingo, Jr. finished out the point season Saturday night with a lot of momentum as he drove to his fourth win of the season and his fifth track championship in the Super Late Model division. Two weeks ago he won the feature and the “King of Kings” for Super Late Models making it three wins in a row at the track.

Heats for the Super Late Models were won by Richard Jarvis, Jr. and Ricky Elliott. The six car inversion draw put “Hollywood” Mark Byram on the pole with Lingo, Jr. starting in second. Lingo wasted no time as he jumped to the front on the first circuit with Elliott working onto second by lap two.

The one and only caution in the race came on lap four when Jarvis, Jr., who was running in the fourth spot, came to a stop with a broken right front suspension. Lingo, Jr. remained in control on the restart with Elliott challenging from second. Byam held the third spot as Lou Johnson worked by Kerry King for fourth.

The order remained unchanged through the halfway point with the exception of Andrew Mullins who had climbed to fifth. The remainder of the distance was all green and Lingo, Jr. made no mistakes taking the win. Elliott finished in the second spot with Byram, Johnson and Mullins rounding out the top five.

“I work behind a computer all day and I by no stretch have any muscle on my body,” said Lingo, Jr. “That was a workout and my arms are sore. Man what a way to end a good season.”

Super Late Model Finish: 1. Donald Lingo Jr; 2. Ricky Elliott; 3. Mark Byram; 4. Lou Johnson; 5. Andrew Mullins; 6. Staci Warrington; 7. Kerry King Jr; 8. Bob Geiger; 9. Herb Tunis; 10. David Hill; 11. Nick Davis; 12. Kerry King; 13. Richard Jarvis Jr; DNS: Kevin Scott Jr.