Matt Glanden took control at the start of the 15-lap Crate Model feature. Matt Hill worked his way past Joe Warren for second. A good three car battle for the lead developed between Glanden, Hill and Warren.


Warren regained the second spot but just before the halfway sign, Hill took it back for good. Hill then went to work on Glanden, taking the lead with five laps to go. Warren was able to get by Glanden for second but could not catch Hill who drove to his third consecutive win and his seventh of the year.


Warren finished in the second spot with Glanden posting a personal best in third. Fourth went to Mike Wharton and Dylan Evans rounded out the top five. Fast time in qualifying was set by Wharton.


The first ever shootout between the AC Delco PSC Modified champion and the Crate Model champion was held. Matt Hill faced Jordan Watson in a six lap dash. The pair with identical crate engines ran wheel to wheel with Hill taking the win by a car length at the checkered.


Crate Feature; 1. Matt Hill; 2. Joe Warren; 3. Matt Glanden; 4. Mike Wharton; 5. Dylan Evans; 6. Derek Magee; 7. Mike Parsons; 8. John Emorhy; 9. Sparky White; 10. Mike Wilson; 11. John Imler; 12. Roy Hassler, Jr.; 13. John Emory; 14. Robbie Walls, Jr.; 15. Paul McGinley; 16. Kellie Lewis; 17. Reese Massiello; 18. Richard Harden; 19. Tim Williams.