In the 15-lap Mod Lite feature it was Jason Musser setting the early pace with Nick Sapp running in second. Sapp took over the lead on lap four as Musser and Ray Gulliver battle for second. Gulliver took over the second spot on lap six as Musser slowed with a broken axel.


At the halfway sign the top five were Sapp, Gulliver, Curt Miles, Jr., Kirk Miles and Frankie Bradley. The order would remain unchanged to the finish as Sapp drove to his first win of the year. Gulliver finished in the second spot with Miles, Jr. third and Miles, Sr. fourth. Bradley crossed the finish in fifth but was light at the scales and fifth went to Musser.

Mod Lite Finish: 1. Nick Sapp; 2. Ray Gulliver; 3. Curt Miles, Jr.; 4. Kirk Miles; 5. Jason Musser; 6. Jake Nelson; 7. Ryan Dryden; 8. Nick Nash; 9. Aaron VanVorst; 10. Harry Mears; 11. James Wood; DQ – Frank Bradley.